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everyone is entitled to a little shameless promotion, right?!  as you may remember the very first post that i did revealed my backstory with buttons and my etsy store that complimented it. on top of that, you may have noticed that the blog postings have been a little slow the past couple of days — this is due to the fact that i spent pretty much my entire weekend taking new photos, writing product descriptions and sorting out the stock for my little shop. (i did however find a few hours to get out into the amazing sydney spring sun. 75F and not a cloud in the sky).

with that… the shameless promotion comes in the form of me telling you about my relaunched etsy shop, the new stock & the limited time offer.

everybutton offers cheap international shipping + for a limited time (until 10.10.10) get 20% off all products.

so after 12 months of living in a foreign land to that of where i started my little etsy shop, i finally got the shipping all sorted and got up some great new stock – including headbands, bracelets, totebags, necklaces, rings, etc… (plus i’ve still got another 30+ products to post in the next couple weeks).

a few of my favorites include:

  • the elastic headbands that are sure to turn a bad hair day into a statement
  • the totebags that can fit all your daily essentials (+ some)
  • and finally, the bracelets & necklaces with fabric buttons made by sustainable australian company ‘bird textiles’ (website)

if you like what you see, want to learn more or want to share with a friend – then these links will hopefully come in handy:
the etsy shop: www.etsy.everybutton.com / the facebook page: www.facebook.com/everybutton

ok, that’s all – thanks so much for letting me take out time from our ‘regularly scheduled programming’ to allow me to share a little bit about my handmade hobby with you!


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