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*from readymade blog ‘tape print pillows’

pillows… we had a pillow post last week and i’m sure we can all agree – ‘women love pillows’!  what is it about a good pillow that can really make or break a couch, chair or bed?  if there are any modern family watchers out there — you will remember the episode where gloria & jay hash it out over a bed full of cushions… i’ve yet to meet a man that respects a throw pillow. they either move it to the side, onto the floor or position their body on to it in someway the deforms the poor thing.  well, i love pillows and i love this idea for making a print/pattern… brought to you by a fav of mine ‘readymade’ magazine (btw, U.S. peeps… you can get a 6 issues/1 year subscription for just $6.95!).

update 2012: readymade has sadly closed it’s doors and is no longer printing the bi-monthly magazine – though you can still access their website and projects.

found @ readymade
what: tape print fabric/pillows
where: http://www.readymade.com/blog/craft/2010/09/22/how_to_make_fabric_prints_with_tape

*note: you could use this project for one of many things… not just pillows. innovate!

*from readymade blog ‘tape print pillows’


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