the week in review…

1 craft. 2 craft. 3 craft… 7 crafts! yes, count em’ kids 7. this week we kept our minds busy with the ‘how-tos’, ‘dos’ and ‘to-dos’ because this was a good week for handmade on howd.i.y. so, if we’re counting (and we are) – since w.i.r. #2 (that’s what i’m calling these), we’ve had an additional 500 views and added 76 new friends to our facebook page… ‘welcome friends’ – i am sooooooo excited to have you.

the week ahead brings a bit of a twist to our little ol’ blog as we will be introducing a newbie installment focused on intro’ing a whole heap (a word i’ve somehow incorporated into my vocab since moving down under) of eclectic handmade artists, a little bit of q&a and even some giveaways! give us a couple days and we’ll kick off the ‘artist spotlight’ with one of my new found favorite etsy sellers. i have no doubt your going to be awed and inspired.

stay tuned…


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