project – woven fabric coasters & potholders

raise your hand if you made loom loop potholders as a kid… (i did.) much like the 30 year old me, the 10 year old me also loved making creative little projects that could be put into everyday use. I started thinking about those potholders the other day (here’s an image/how-to to refresh your mind) and actually ordered a couple looms and a big bag of loops on ebay – however… they are coming from the US so it will be another good week before I have the supplies.

…ok, back to the project that has actually already been completed.

similar to the loop loom, i decided to try out making some decorative coasters using a couple different fabrics that i had laying around the house. considering i didn’t have a loom, i improvised by taking a packet of bobby pins and a small box/basket that I had.  i had no idea if this would work, but i decided to give it a go. the results… well, I was very happy… the kind of happy where I found myself staring at the little coaster off & on and setting different little things on it for about 30 mins straight (wow, that sounds a bit pathetic actually typing it out… hmmm).

cost: $5 should make a about 6-10 coasters/potholders (depending on the expense of the fabric
creation time: 30-60 mins each
supplies: fabric (1 or 2 different patterns at 2 meters/yards each), scissors, a bobby pin or needle for the weaving – and a loom… you’ve got options… in the instructions I will use the bobby pin/basket way, but you could also buy a pre-made loom or create one of any size out of wood & nails


  1. cut fabric into 1.5 inch wide x 2 meter/yard long strips (you can tie pieces together into knots if you don’t have cut fabric that long) – you will need two of these (same fabric or different, your choice)
  2. take your basket and get one piece of fabric ready to go. in one corner tie a knot around a bobby pin and secure it to the basket. start to zig zag the fabric back and forth from parallel sides of the basket – each time you hit a side use a bobby pin to secure the fabric to the basket keeping it in place (i used a 5 inch by 5 inch basket and 1o bobby pins on each side).
  3. once the first fabric is laid out and secure, get the other piece of fabric (i recommend putting a bobby pin at the end of this piece of fabric to guide your weaving… it will make the process go a lot faster) and do the same thing on the other sides of the basket. the only difference this time is that you will weave over and under the fabric.
  4. once the second piece of fabric is weaved into the first… you will need to start securing the edges.
  5. starting at two corners with non-looped ends, tie the two pieces together around a loop next to one of them, now start pulling the loop ahead of the loop you are on back through the previous loop…. you will continue this all around the basket, this will weave and secure the edges. at your final corner you will tie a knot and either make a loop for hanging, a bow, or simply cut off the excess fabric. ***

oh… and i do have plans to go to the hardware store soon to get a couple pieces of wood & some nails and make a giant loom for fabric weaving (i’ll update you on how it goes).

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