project – papier-mâché soda bottle flowers

a few years ago during a visit to austin, tx – i stumbled upon the best use for plastic bottles since the invention of cherry 7up.  now, enter these papier-mâché soda bottle flowers – handmade and imported from mexico.  the name of the boutique where I bought these has escaped me, but the unique creativity of this everlasting boutique is something that i’ve transported with care from city-to-city-to-city, apartment-to-house-to- apartment and country-to-country.

while google didn’t turn up any search results, i think i can piece together my best play by play on how to turn these into a project of your own.

cost: $15-20 (for initial supplies, thereafter approx $1-3 per flower)
creation time: an afternoon
supplies: scissors, x-acto knife, newspaper, glue, paint, paintbrush, garden wire, soda bottle + cap


  1. cut the soda bottle in half, trimming the bottle to create a petal facade
  2. using an x-acto knife, cut a small hole into the middle of the cap
  3. cut 5 pieces of garden wire into equal lengths wrapping them around each other to form a stem
  4. at the cap pull the wires through the hole making sure that they tightly fit into the hole
  5. using a papier-mâché technique (how-to here:, coat the soda bottle with newspaper strips, same for the cap & stem
  6. once the newspaper is molded and dry, you can now paint the flower to your liking
  7. wait for the paint to dry – and now you’re ready to enjoy your new and beautiful bouquet

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