project – embellished elastic headbands

whether you are looking for something to spice up a simple ‘do’, turn a bad hair day into fashionable OR just want a fun little personalized gift for someone special… creating these embellished elastic headbands are easy & cheap, but bring a big sense of head-turning color and creativity .

cost: $5 – 10 (makes multiple headbands)
creation time: 10 – 15 mins
supplies: lightweight elastic trim, buttons/jewels/feathers/or beads, needle & thread


  1. cut a 12-14 inch piece of elastic (consider different colors, textures, widths, etc… working with lace is my favorite)
  2. fit the elastic around your head (pulling it tight) and tie into a knot at the bottom allowing comfortable breathing room to slide on and off
  3. trim the excess pieces of elastic from the knot area
  4. identify where you would like the jewels, buttons or beads to sit on your head and mark the area with your needle
  5. attach the embellishments with the needle & thread
  6. now you’ve got a unique & one of a kind headpiece that’s sure to stand out in the crowd – the end!

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