project – tea stained shirt

you know that feeling when you have a shirt that you love so much, but alas a pesky awful stain makes its way on to the fabric and won’t budge?  well as a sloppy being, i know that feeling all too well.  the back-story: a couple of years ago, i found this great little crocheted cotton top at nordstrom. i loved it dearly and only spent $30 on it. it was one of those purchases that i got about 20x the use of over the shirt hanging next to it in the closet that i spent probably $100 on — but recently i found a stain on my good little find, and the blemish was smack dab in the middle in a place hard to disguise. anyways… looking for a remedy that the tide stick wouldn’t fix, i went to the kitchen cabinet for a little homemade d.i.y. action. not only was i attempting to save the shirt, but also i’d be giving it a new and improved vintage look via the black lipton tea from my cupboard.

cost: $0 (unless you need to buy some tea bags)
creation time: 15 mins
supplies: piece of clothing for staining, hot water, wooden spoon & 6 black tea bags


  1. fill a bucket or sink with very hot water (be careful!)
  2. drop 6 tea bags into the water and using the wooden spoon begin to stir
  3. let stand for 3 mins stirring every 30 seconds
  4. drop the fabric into the hot water and submerge it under the water
  5. using the wooden spoon stir occasionally in the water, do this for approx 10 mins
  6. take the fabric out of the bucket or sink while squeezing out all the excess water
  7. throw into the clothes dryer for 15 mins (or however long you need to leave it in to dry)
  8. the process is done and you now have a piece of vintage looking apparel that suddenly aged in minutes

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  1. karen collins
    September 14, 2010 at 1:56 am #

    Too cute, Great idea!!!

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