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the days of draping your house in wallpaper may be over, but using it as an accent is cooler than ever.  in my quest to find projects for the new blog, i reconnected with an old friend from college (which in itself has been great) whom like me has a love for all things crafty and creative.  tiffany, a new mom, decided to take her newborn’s nursery in a d.i.y. direction, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside with her very own wallpaper tree creation.  in preparation for the art project, she even went around to different paint & decorating stores asking for their expired wallpaper books… and the shops were happy to oblige!  the tree takes on a similar effect of the popular, yet pricey decals of today – though much cheaper and much easier to hang (have you ever tried to peel off and apply one of those things?!  i did and what a mess… I now have 1/2 a bird scene in my bathroom.)  keep in mind this project could take shape of anything, not just a tree. personalize it with a creation to fit your theme. big or small, it can add some real life to a room.  tiffany is already planning her next project for when her little man is a bit older, maybe “a camping scene or something”.

cost: $60
creation time: an afternoon
supplies: scissors, one roll of brown wallpaper, various wallpaper patterns (suggestion: use samples or scraps) & wallpaper paste


  1. trace a tree trunk onto the brown roll of wallpaper
  2. cut-out the tree trunk so that it’s ready to go onto the wall
  3. use the pattern wallpaper and cut it into leaves, making them various shapes & sizes
  4. using the wallpaper paste, first apply the tree trunk to the wall
  5. once the trunk is in place, in no particular order, apply the leaves to the wall with the paste
  6. as a bonus, try creating a flying friend and give her (or him) a home in the tree (check out the owl that Tiffany has created here – ADORABLE.)

tiffany a la baby bump!

about the contributor: tiffany s. lives in chicago with her hubby, newborn baby boy and pups. in addition to spending time with her amazing family, she loves nights out with the girls & has a secret love for bad reality TV (ok, maybe it’s not so secret).

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2 Responses to “project – wallpaper tree”

  1. September 10, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    That tree is awesome. What a fun idea.

  2. Jenny Rock
    September 13, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    This is such a great idea! Love it

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