project – pantyhose & rubber ball necklace

ok, so this is actually an ‘o.p.p.’ that made its way into a full blown ‘p.’ tonight. the back-story: while getting my hair done today, i was flipping through the pages of cleo magazine (u.s.’ers think self or allure) and i came across an article spotlighting the upcoming book ‘p.s. – i made this…‘ by american author erica domesek. the book is out now, plus she’s also got a pretty kick-a** blog that will inspire any self proclaimed d.i.y. aficionado.  back to the article, it gave the how-to on making necklaces out of a pair of pantyhose and a pack of kids colorful bouncy rubber balls. so, after my blow-dry and a 90 minute trip to lincraft (aussie craft/fabric store) – i headed on over to the massive woolworths (aka the supermarket) and picked up a pair of black hose and then from the party favor supply section, a pack of rubber balls. fast forward a bit later into the night: after a few dollars spent & a few minutes of crafting, I now have a funky new necklace for summer.

cost: $6
creation time: 10 – 15 mins
supplies: pair of pantyhose & a pack of rubber bouncy balls (also, i think marbles would also be great to use) *note: the more colorful, the better – as the hose will dull the color a bit

how-to (as I did it, a bit different from the original directions):

  1. start with your pantyhose (i used black sheer polka dot tights – get creative), cut off the each of the legs. once you have the legs cut off, cut off the toe area as well – leaving both ends of each leg open.
  2. starting with one leg – place one of the rubber balls in the center, pulling the hose really tight and tying a knot on each side.
  3. add additional balls doing the same thing. (note: all the balls I used were the same size, spice it up by using different sizes)
  4. now repeat on the other leg.
  5. fasten the two pieces together by tying knots, cut off the excess hosiery so there are simply two pieces to tie together to form the necklace shape.
  6. fasten the two ends together by forming a knot… you can then slide over your head instead of fastening each time you want to wear it.
  7. completed – now enjoy your new cheapie necklace that was designed by YOU.

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