project – freezer paper stencils

woo hoo, break open the bubbly — we have our first official ‘Howd.i.y. contributor’!  keeping it in the family, my sister joins us with her go-to guide for ‘freezer paper stencils’. straight from the contributor’s mouth, these “work great for clothing, blankets…etc. I even made wall art from these!”

cost: the first time you do it- you will spend about 15-20$…but that cost will cover approx hundred designs. all you have to pay for each time is the fabric you are using (such as a shirt) and more paint (which is about $2 a color).
creation time: 30 mins plus drying time
supplies: x-acto knife, self healing mat (to use the x-acto knife on), freezer paper (NOT waxed paper), your stencil, fabric paint and paintbrushes, shirt (or whatever else you want to use), iron, parchment paper

how-to (for a shirt):

  1. print a picture from your computer (or draw a picture) that you want to use as your stencil. you can find some great free ones online. or if you want to use a word, just type it in a document, change the font size and print it off.
  2. trace the pattern onto the freezer paper. (make sure the waxy side is facing down)
  3. cut out the stencil an x-acto knife. cut out any part of the design that will be colored. If there are smaller parts, like an eye…be sure to save that it because you will need it.
  4. position the stencil on your shirt (waxy side down). set the iron high and hold it on the stencil for about 30 seconds. then add in any small pieces to the inside that you may have, like eyeballs… iron those on. continue ironing until the stencil is securely on the shirt
  5. put a piece of parchment paper in between the shirt so the paint doesn’t leak through.
  6. paint the stencil.
  7. let it dry all the way!
  8. peel off the stencil and small parts. if you can’t peel up the small pieces, tweezers work great.
  9. lay parchment paper over the finished product…iron for about 1 minute. this seals in the paint.

about the contributor: abby p. is a twentysomething-midwest transplant-newlywed-hairstylist living in the heart of the infamous o.c. in sunny newport beach, california. she has a knack for cooking and somehow has turned ‘family circle’ into a cool centerpiece of her magazine collection.

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  1. September 3, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    What an awesome project. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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