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project – chronicled creations

are you a crafter at heart, but need a little kick start to get your creative juices flowing? if you answered ‘yes’, then might i recommend chronicle books? chronicle is a book publisher based in san fran with 40+ years under their belt. they specialize in putting out quality books, stationary and other merchandise in the art, design, photography, lifestyle and d.i.y. realm.

i first stumbled upon chronicle here in australia, thousands of miles from the country where i’m from and the books are made.  my fav little bookstore in sydney’s the rocks area called ‘ariel‘ (check it out, it’s amazing), carries a good hearty helping of their products.  while i have to pay a couple extra bucks for the import taxes… it’s well worth the many projects that the items ultimately make.

i’ve purchased several chronicle products in my day (which i highly recommend), including:

the photos i’ve posted here include some of the chronicle products or projects as displayed in my house. check out chronicle for these & many more amazing products that will keep you (or ‘get’ you) crafting & communicating!

o.p.p. – label making

*via readymade 'label making' project

it may be fall in most of the world, but in the merry old land of oz – it’s spring… meaning ‘spring cleaning’ is among us!  the first step to getting organized is knowing what you have & where to find it – and this label making project will help eliminate having to open dark tins to see what’s inside as well as taste testing what you thought was powdered sugar, but was really a cakey flour. plus, it’s really cute, easy and cheap to do (without spending $20+ per jar at crate & barrel).

found @ readymade
what: lesson in label making

everybutton: my handmade shop

everyone is entitled to a little shameless promotion, right?!  as you may remember the very first post that i did revealed my backstory with buttons and my etsy store that complimented it. on top of that, you may have noticed that the blog postings have been a little slow the past couple of days — this is due to the fact that i spent pretty much my entire weekend taking new photos, writing product descriptions and sorting out the stock for my little shop. (i did however find a few hours to get out into the amazing sydney spring sun. 75F and not a cloud in the sky).

with that… the shameless promotion comes in the form of me telling you about my relaunched etsy shop, the new stock & the limited time offer.

everybutton offers cheap international shipping + for a limited time (until 10.10.10) get 20% off all products.

so after 12 months of living in a foreign land to that of where i started my little etsy shop, i finally got the shipping all sorted and got up some great new stock – including headbands, bracelets, totebags, necklaces, rings, etc… (plus i’ve still got another 30+ products to post in the next couple weeks).

a few of my favorites include:

  • the elastic headbands that are sure to turn a bad hair day into a statement
  • the totebags that can fit all your daily essentials (+ some)
  • and finally, the bracelets & necklaces with fabric buttons made by sustainable australian company ‘bird textiles’ (website)

if you like what you see, want to learn more or want to share with a friend – then these links will hopefully come in handy:
the etsy shop: / the facebook page:

ok, that’s all – thanks so much for letting me take out time from our ‘regularly scheduled programming’ to allow me to share a little bit about my handmade hobby with you!


o.p.p. – ‘book’ shelves

last night i was chatting via google video with one of my best crafty buds from back home (a few years back, we took a screenprinting class, bought all the tools, talked about starting a biz… but then lost interest and moved onto something else).

*from real simple ‘book shelves, literally’

during our chat, she reminded me about the great home decor magazine – real simple (their slogan: life made easier, every day). so tonight when searching for good projects on the scene, i decided to check out the real simple website and stumbled upon this one – the literal meaning for a ‘book’ shelf.

i love the color and creativity that this can add to any old wall. plus, it’s a great way to showcase the lovely covers that often get hidden amongst the clutter.

i’ve now officially moved this to my ‘to-do list’ for when i move out of the modern white walled condo that i currently rent. No nails or screws allowed, the only mounting that’s not banned… every college kid’s best friend (and it stops there) the double sided sticky 3M poster tape. no joke.

found @ real simple
what: book shelves, literally

o.p.p. – tape print pillows

*from readymade blog ‘tape print pillows’

pillows… we had a pillow post last week and i’m sure we can all agree – ‘women love pillows’!  what is it about a good pillow that can really make or break a couch, chair or bed?  if there are any modern family watchers out there — you will remember the episode where gloria & jay hash it out over a bed full of cushions… i’ve yet to meet a man that respects a throw pillow. they either move it to the side, onto the floor or position their body on to it in someway the deforms the poor thing.  well, i love pillows and i love this idea for making a print/pattern… brought to you by a fav of mine ‘readymade’ magazine (btw, U.S. peeps… you can get a 6 issues/1 year subscription for just $6.95!).

update 2012: readymade has sadly closed it’s doors and is no longer printing the bi-monthly magazine – though you can still access their website and projects.

found @ readymade
what: tape print fabric/pillows

*note: you could use this project for one of many things… not just pillows. innovate!

*from readymade blog ‘tape print pillows’


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