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o.p.p. – lightbulb bud vase

(*from 'lightbulb bud vase')

a lightbulb moment?! modern & clean, yet so easy. looks like something that cost $40 at cb2, but actually ‘oh, so cheap’ to make.

found @ readymade
what: lightbulb bud vase
*added august 31, 2010

o.p.p. – pillowcase sundress

I love love love this idea!

found @ craftzine
what: pillowcase sundress

project – bird on a branch

answer me this… what is the world’s current obsession with birds?  i’ll admit it, i’m a culprit. whether it’s an owl or a simple garden bird, when i spot some cute home decor boasting one of the flying friends, an electromagnetic force draws me near.

well, my obsession continues… and last night i made a new little piece for display.  the project: a bird on a branch, painted & sewn on canvas (as seen in the photo).

cost: approx $8 (to cut the costs, i purchased the supplies at a local discount/dollar variety shop)
creation time: 30 mins
supplies: canvas, newspaper, 2 colors of acrylic paint, 2 paintbrushes, pencil, 3 colors of needlepoint thread & a needle

1) lay down some newspaper so the paint doesn’t make a mess
2) start with painting the canvas any color of your choice – one coat
3) once the first coat has dried (i held the canvas in front of my little electric heater and the canvas was dry within 5 minutes), go ahead and paint your second coat, wait for it to dry
4) with the other paintbrush, paint a branch or twig onto the center of the canvas (remember when painting your branch, you will need enough room above to draw & sew a bird resting on the branch – the bird must not overlap with the wood or you cannot sew onto the canvas) – allow time to to dry
5) with a pencil trace a bird resting onto the canvas
6) on top of where you have traced now sew your bird onto the canvas (i used 3 different color threads to add a bit of pop, as well as to emphasize the wing and eye)
7) all done! rest on your favorite shelf or hang on the wall

o.p.p. – fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag

(* from 'fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag')

found @ instructables
what: fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag
*added august 29, 2010

o.p.p. – make your own sandals

(* from 'how-tuesday: make your own sandles')

found @ etsy (from the ‘how-to blog’)
what: make your own sandals
*added august 29, 2010

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